I'm Emma, a 21 year old English Literature student who was born and raised near the vibrant city of Glasgow, Scotland. Ever since I was six months old I've been lucky enough to visit some amazing places in the world with my family and friends.

Travelling is my passion and I love nothing more than packing a suitcase and getting away from sunny Scotland to explore a new city, town or beach. When I'm not abroad travelling, I'll be thinking about travelling and planning my next trip or reminiscing on my past adventures. I also love to visit places in Scotland and the UK as there's so many beautiful places to be seen without leaving the country.  

This blog will feature all the places that I visit with pictures of where I've been and what I've done. I'll post tips of what I've enjoyed and what I haven't. The aim of my blog is to share my experiences with others and hopefully fill them with a little knowledge before they visit the same place, or otherwise inspire people to visit somewhere I've been and enjoyed.


Follow me as I travel my way around this amazing world! 

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